About Us


Sanaullah & Co. was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing the highest-quality HR, Financial, Tax, Cost and Managerial Accountancy at reasonable rates. Since its inception, Sanaullah & Co, have processed over a hundreds of thousand tax returns while never losing sight of what is most important to us.
Over the years, the Sanaullah & Co family has grown locations to a network of Corporate.

We attribute the growth and success of our company to a high level of commitment in serving both the needs of our clients through a dedicated team of highly qualified service professionals with years of experience in the tax industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining our competitiveness by being aware of and prepared for the complexities that our industry encounters every year; by evaluating and taking full advantage of the latest technological advances in the industry and by keeping abreast of the ever changing tax laws that could affect our clients.


To be the first choice of industry. To provide distinguished services to individuals and businesses alike and setting perfect working environment where harmony, respect, growth and success are governing ethics.


To develop, maintain and respect relationships. To understand the current and future needs of each industry and provide guidance to those in relation towards long term success. To incubate trust and loyalty, meeting level of satisfaction expected of us.

Core Values

Distinction Dedication Integrity
Organization Relationship Synergy

Accreditation and Memberships

ACCA Approved Employer
(Trainee Development - Platinum)
ICMA Corporate Partner
& Registered Employer
Income Tax Practitioner ISO 9001:2015