S&Co. is providing accounting and book keeping services to various clients. Our accounting department operates & implements he software on behalf of the clients. Thus, the general and subsidiary ledgers are maintained from which trial balance is generated and monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual financial statements are prepared. Our accounting department personals also prepare the annual financial statement as per the statutory requirements along-with all relevant disclosures for on-ward submission to regulators.

Financial Accounting

We provide hand on service in financial reporting in which we help our clients in the process of producing information for external use usually in the form of Financial Statements.

Management Accounting

We assist our client in producing information primarily for internal use by the company’s management. Information may be in the form of budgets and forecasts.

Project Accounting

We refer to the use of accounting system to track the financial progress of a project through frequent financial reports. Project accounting can be a source of competitive advantage for project-oriented businesses such as construction firms.

Tax Accounting

We refer to accounting for the tax related matters. It is governed by the tax rules prescribed by the tax laws of a jurisdiction. Often these rules are different from the rules that govern the preparation of financial statements for public use (i.e. IFRS).