Come see Sanaullah&Co for all of your business’ tax needs. Our professional tax consultants will provide you with a simple and painless experience while minimizing your tax obligations.  We are trusted tax advisor and partner to each of our clients. Our diverse team has extensive experience and expertise in the industry with a thorough understanding of tax laws. We will help you to capitalize on development opportunity as presented by local tax laws and treaties

We deal with all aspects of Income Tax, Sales tax and Services Tax. Our expertise includes but is not limited to vital experience in facilitating tax registration, tax advisory, E-filing, tax returns & statements, tax audit.

We pride ourselves in providing the following taxation services

  • NTN Registration
  • GST Registration
  • SRB Registration (SNTN)
  • PRA Registration (PNTN)
  • KPRA Registration (KNTN)
  • BRA Registration (BNTN)
  • Salary Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Business Annual Return of Income (ITR)
  • Companies Annual Return of Income (ITR)
  • Filing of Withholding Tax Statements
  • Monthly Sales Tax Return filing (GST)
  • Monthly SRB Return Filing (SST)
  • Monthly PRA Return Filing (PST)
  • Monthly KPRA Return Filing (KST)
  • Monthly BRA Return Filing (BST)
  • Tax Advisory
  • Tax Management
  • Tax Audit (including Income Tax Audit, Sales Tax Audit, Transactional Audit)
  • Income Tax Refund
  • Sales Tax Refund
  • Appeal Filing
  • Appellate Tribunal Filing
  • Proceeding Under Anti Benami Act 2017
  • Proceeding Under Anti Money Laundering 2017
  • Amnesty Registration and Filing
  • Tax Outsourcing
  • Any Other Services to Tax

With our team of tax consultants and expert your tax needs are taken care of!

We help you in

• Capitalising on development opportunities presented by local tax law as well as tax treaty network.
• Advance rulings to lend an element of certainty to non-resident investors in their proposed transactions in     Pakistan.
• Articulating effective and tax-efficient cross-border strategies for both inward bound and overseas investments.
• Structuring achievements, divestitures and corporate reforms for tax optimization.

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